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Moving with Indonesian Ornamental Plant Farmers

Global Ornamental Plants Supplier and Community Development

Minaqu Home Nature is an Ornamental Tropical Plants Supply developed to complement the needs of businesses in the floriculture industry. The focus of its development is to solve the problems and challenges of global business transactions. Minaqu also develops a sustainability business to match the demand and supply of plants by developing an integrated digital ecosystem through technology development.

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For Better World

How it Growth

Minaqu develops a collaborative system with Indonesian ornamental plant farmers

We have more than 1000 partners of ornamental plant farmers throughout Indonesia

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Stock Trade

Farmers Development

Stock Market

Green House 


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Through the development of three important aspects in the ornamental plant business, Minaqu has an impact on ornamental plant business actors through developing farmer resources by becoming partners, providing opportunities to expand businesses by building green houses, and reaching global market access through the development of digital technology.

Why Minaqu Indonesia

Minaqu Indonesia is moving fast and expanding through global community access and development to reach the market

Research Center

Minaqu Indonesia has an ornamental plant research center used to analyze trends in ornamental plants and find new varieties. This research center is also used as a product development center tailored to the demands of the global market. Currently, many new varieties are being developed and starting to be marketed both locally and globally.

Digital Market Acceleration

We understand that it is easy to penetrate the global market through digital technology, so we developed the system to expand and increase transactions globally.

Digital Commerce

Global Acces Market

Integrated Green House Development System

The development of a massive greenhouse for ornamental plant farmers provides an opportunity to carry out business escalation and meet global market demands.

Data based

Inventory Sistem

Smart Gadgets

we move to digital

Minaqu as Indonesia's first ornamental plant platform digital developer

Minaqu Indonesia developed the platform to make it easier for Indonesian ornamental plant farmers to reach global markets sustainably.

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The newest varieties of ornamental plants that are the pride of Indonesia